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Our mermaid FinKid and FinTeen were designed for every-day and occasional use. With our fins, the swimmer can propel through water like a dolphin. The monofin is constructed from the finest neoprene and polycarbonate.  It is very light and ergonomic which helps children to swim effortlessly like a mermaid. The foot pocket features a comfortable, quick-release neoprene.

The Mermaid Monofin FinKid and FeenTeen is recommended for women and children of all ages and fit most shoe sizes.

Please read our Safety and Care Instructions. Please slip in your feet gently. Fins hole is small but very stretchy. It is made smaller on purpose in order to keep your feet secure and comfortable for swimming. Please do not try to put your fins on by forcefully stretching the socks. It might damage them. Just hold fin the hole, open it and slip your foot inside.

Adult supervision is required. Do not use where water is too deep for swimmer's ability.

FinKid fit Mermaid Tail sizes from size 3Y to 9Y

FinTeen fit Mermaid Tail sizes from size 11Y – up

Please make sure to order the right size of fin with your tail.

You can order FinKId or FinTeen as a set. Please go to Mermaid Tails Set

Mermaid tails might be custom made to order please refer to Tailor Made Option.


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